Remote solution for Garage

Providing solutions for diagnosing faulty vehicles. Coding service, programming new and used modules, activating hidden functions for old Mercedes models and new 2022 models (206,254,167,297,290,213).

Mercedes software

Providing Mercedes diagnostic, coding, and programming software installation services via teamview.

Spare Parts

Supplying Mercedes spare parts, we provide electrical diagrams, installation instructions, remote coding to customers. Delivery worldwide.

Mr.Dum Benz provides Mercedes solutions

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πŒπ„π‘π‚π„πƒπ„π’ 𝐃𝐀𝐓𝐀 π…πˆπ‹π„

π‚π¨π§π­πšπœπ­: π–π‘πšπ­π¬πšπ©π© +πŸ–πŸ’πŸ•πŸ•πŸ“πŸ•πŸ—πŸ“πŸ•πŸ—πŸ“

➑️Offline programming and coding
➑️MAP Code Includes NTG5, NTG5.5, NTG6, NTG7
➑️Radio Anti-Theft Code NTG4.5, NTG5.5, NTG6, NTG7
➑️FBS4 Car Adaptive Controller (No need for old ECU, Just read the internal flash, send it to me with your car VIN. I return you the Int flash ready to start the car)
➑️FDCT P051300 Start Enable Was Not Issue
➑️Virgin MED17 ECU FBS4 Programming
➑️Swap Drive Authorization FBS4From EDC17 – MED17
➑️VGS1 VGS2 VGS3 VGS4 Programming
➑️Renewal of AMG and DASH
➑️Vmax cars and trucks
➑️Reset and remove Adblue
➑️Retrofit module
➑️Bypass certificate for all new face lift vehicles (Excluding vehicles with EZS223)
➑️Diagnostics, flashing and coding for all new MB vehicles….
➑️Software installation and general technical support (activated when Secure boot ON is enabled)
➑️DTC cleared
➑️Native DTS 8.16 with Latest Database + DTS9 (zenzefi ready for both versions)
➑️Complete conversion of W223 from US to ECE
➑️Fix error pin 48V (only file dump)
➑️Reset Adblue for all models including W206 & w223

β€’ And more……

Adapt And Repair ECU

Encoding and remote programming virgin VGS1, VGS2, VGS3.VGS (FDCT FBS4 Autorization Repair).Renew / Adapt Used FBS4 Engine ECU.

48V Battery Unlock

Send your dump file, we will fix it and send you back the perfect dump file.

After-sales dealer support

Providing OEM diagnostic tool you can easily program your new/old ECU modules, unlock component by immobilizer, program front, back, disable module.Support OEM retrofit coding programming such as 360 camera, Steering wheel, Seat heating, 23P safety system, Burmester premium sound system, LED ambient light, perfume system, sensor tire pressure sensor, LCD screen, Comand unit, Androidauto CarPlay activation, full screen CarPlay…and more…Providing solutions: Airmatic calibration/lowering, AMG Activations, CARPLAY/ANDROID, Auto Activations, Codings Available, FDCT Mercedes Transmission, Calculator, Headunit Coding Pack, Navigation Codes, Radio Codes Anti-theft, Renewing Clusters, Virgin ECU…

CARPLAY/ANDROID Auto Activations – Video in Motion – Airmatic suspension calibration lowering

We provide Mercedes Apple Carplay/Android Auto upgrade solutions for infotainment systems NTG5.1, NTG5.2, NTG5.5, NTG6 Mercedes Carplay retrofitted with smart boxes..


Install and activate DTS9 Monaco. New car W206/223/295/297/254/214 hidden feature activation, Mercedes OEM Retrofits coding, high quality Mercedes aftermarket items.

Provide the latest databaseExperienced technicians, quick coding and programming save time for the garage

AMG Activations – Renewing Clusters

W204 (C), X204 (GLK), W212 (E), W218 (CLS).W205 (C) facelift, W217 (CL) facelift, W222 (S) facelift, W213 (E) facelift, W238 (CLS), X253 facelift, W257 (E) cabrio, W463.W223, (S), W206 (C), W293 (EQS).

Providing software for Mercedes diagnostic and programming equipment

Diagnostic equipment C4, VCI C6, VCX SE, Tactrix openport 2.0 (original)Software πŸ‘‰Xentry 12.2023 (version XDOS Enet – version PassThru), DAS 12.2023 , , EPC December 11, 2018, DAS Special functions, Seed Key Calculator…

Navigation Codes

THE LATEST MERCEDES NAVIGATION MAP PIN CODESProvide map pin code solution and Radio Codes Anti-theft (NTG3.5, NTG4.5, NTG5, NTG5.1, NTG5.5, NTG6, NTG7.MERCEDES AREA CONVERSIONFull conversion of Head Unit, Language, Front and rear lights, Navigation and radio frequency, Sider marker off and Headlight style change instructions, for NTG 5.5 NTG 6 NTG 7, change country in the area. USA to ECE, Japan to Middle East, Convert measurement units FΒ° to CΒ°, Gallon to Liter, L100 to KmL…

Remotely Support

We support our global customers with diagnosis, coding, programming. Technical guidance of wiring diagrams, testing installation instructions, consulting the best solution for customers
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